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Rose Spears, author of Paideia Latina and owner of Paideia Living shared with us a bit about her Latin curriculum for beginning Latin learners.

I believe [Ecclesiastical Pronunciation] is more beautiful.

Rose Spears - owner/author

Our school has a strong emphasis on worship and music which lends itself to ecclesiastical pronunciation. I believe it is more beautiful.

Paideia Latina: Facts at a Glance

Author/Publisher: Rosanne Spears, Paideia Living
Religious Perspective: Christian, Protestant
Levels: Level A and B
Age Range: 9-13 (3rd - 6th grades)
Pronunciation (?): Ecclesiastical
Instruction Method (?): Grammar, some Reading

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Get to Know Paideia Latina!

Who is the author of Paideia Latina?

Rose Spears is the creator of Paideia Latina. Rose has a degree in Classical Studies and Liberal Arts and has been a classical educator for over fifteen years. She and her husband David are passionate about classical Christian education and run a school near the Portland, Oregon area. Paideia Latina was first published in 2017.

Was Paideia Latina designed to be used as a homeschool curriculum?

Paideia Latina was originally designed to be used in the classroom setting with small class sizes but can also be used in the homeschool.

Is Paideia Latina a religious-based Latin curriculum?

Paideia Latina is written from a Christian, Protestant perspective.

How many levels of Paideia Latina are available?

There are two levels of Paideia Latina: Level A and Level B.

For which ages/grades is Paideia Latina most appropriate?

Level A is best suited for 9-12 year olds (grades 3-5) , and Level B for 10-13 year olds (grades 4-6). Students in 7th grade and above or students with a solid grasp of English grammar may skip Level A of the Paideia Latina series and begin with Level B.

Does completion of Paideia Latina earn a student high school credit?

This curriculum is not designed for high school students and is not intended to equate to high school credit.

How can homeschool parents know if their child is ready for Paideia Latina?

Level A is for beginners (no previous Latin knowledge needed). Level B would be for an older beginner (12 and up) or someone who has finished Level A.

Is Paideia Latina designed to be used by a homeschool parent with no Latin background?

Yes, each lesson is clearly explainable to and by someone with no Latin background.

When students finish all levels of Paideia Latina, what do you recommend for continued Latin study?

We are currently in the process of writing Level C of the curriculum. Following that, our school moves into Lingua Latina for further study.

Curriculum Details for Paideia Latina

Which subjects are covered in Paideia Latina?

  • Latin grammar
  • Latin vocabulary
  • English derivatives from Latin
  • Latin in use today
  • Latin translation passages
  • Topical vocabulary lessons
  • Greek/Roman mythology

Does Paideia Latina teach Classical or Ecclesiastical pronunciation {more info}?

Paideia Latina teaches Ecclesiastical Latin pronunciation. Our school has a strong emphasis on worship and music which lends itself to ecclesiastical pronunciation. I believe it is more beautiful.

What approach to Latin learning does Paideia Latina use to teach language study {more info} ?

Paideia uses primarily a grammar method, but there are reading selections at the end of each chapter designed to build fluency. We emphasize the logic of Latin in this curriculum with the grammatical method.

What resources and ancillary materials are available with Paideia Latina?

  • Consumable student text
  • Answer key for student text assignments
  • Tests
  • Test answer key

How many of the resources from Paideia Latina could be reused with other students in a future school year?

The Teacher Book is the Answer Key and contains tests (which can be copied), so it can be used over again.

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Check for used copies of Level A or Level B.

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