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At a time when many families are feeling overwhelmed by getting started with homeschooling, Lukeion Latin offers a program that has been prospering and growing steadily since 2005. Every year over 200 students participate in Lukeion Latin at all levels. They aim to provide a full service educational experience even while offering the option to take only one course or many. 

Robust mastery-based Latin program.

Amy E. Barr, co-founder and director of the Lukeion Latin program

The Lukeion Project is a robust grammar-based approach shows students exactly how the mechanism of the Latin language works. Our courses are a la carte additions designed to complement home educator's middle and high school programs. Families can choose to take a single course or select them all. All courses are live and online following a normal semester schedule. 

The Lukeion Project: Facts at a Glance

Instructor/Company: The Lukeion Project
Religious Perspective: None
Levels/Sections:  Seven years
Age Range: 13-15
Pronunciation (?): Classical
Instruction Method (?): Grammar Method

Where to Enroll:

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Get to Know The Lukeion Project!

Who is the instructor of The Lukeion Project?

Amy Barr or Sue Fisher.

The Lukeion Project was founded in 2005 by Classical archaeologists Regan and Amy Barr. Latin was our first semester course offered! Classical Greek soon followed.

Our Latin program was designed by Amy Barr who earned her master's degree in Latin at The Ohio State. After teaching at the college level for several years, Amy made the switch to home education when her three children were born. Since 2005 we have developed an expansive Latin mastery-based program.

Is The Lukeion Project a religious-based Latin course?

This is not a religious curriculum but many of our students choose to expand their own studies to include readings in the the Vulgate. They'll be well prepared to do so by the end of their second year of study.

How many levels/sections of The Lukeion Project are available?

Seven years of Latin, that's three beyond AP Latin!

Students complete Wheelock's Latin in years 1 & 2. Year 3 is a survey of Latin authors using Wheelock's Latin Reader. Year 4 is our AP Latin course (Vergil and Caesar). We now offer three more years of Latin for students who have successfully completed AP Latin. They can choose to translate Cicero, Terence, or Ovid at the college level while still in high school.

When students finish all levels of The Lukeion Project, what do you recommend for continued Latin study?

If students finish all levels of Latin study at The Lukeion Project, they will be well suited for 400-level college Latin courses! We also recommend students who enjoy Latin studies add Classical Greek to their program. 

For which ages/grades is The Lukeion Project most appropriate?

We recommend students wait to start formal Latin studies with us around age 13-15.

Does completion of The Lukeion Project earn a student high school credit?

Yes. Every year of Lukeion Latin is equivalent to one high school credit. We consider Latin 3, 5, 6, and 7 to be honors courses. Latin 4 is an AP course. 

How can homeschool parents know if their child is ready for The Lukeion Project?

We do not have a placement for first year students but we do recommend that students have a good familiarity with English language mechanics before they start. Many students begin with Barbarian Diagrammarian at age 12. We do offer placement exams for all levels above Latin 1a for students who have already had some Latin before starting at The Lukeion Project. Just email Ms. Barr at to request a placement. 

How often and for how long does The Lukeion Project meet?

Classes meet live online 1 hour a week for 16 weeks per semester.

Our courses are a la carte additions designed to complement home educator's middle and high school programs. Families can choose to take a single course or select them all. All courses are live and online. We follow a normal semester schedule. 

Course Details for The Lukeion Project

Which subjects are covered in The Lukeion Project?

  • Latin grammar
  • Latin vocabulary
  • English derivatives from Latin
  • Latin translation passages
  • Translating from Roman authors
  • Roman history
  • Greek/Roman mythology
  • Ancient geography

We take a mastery-based approach meaning we have a robust program that moves as a reasonably fast pace to best prepare students to read real Latin authors!

We encourage all of our students to participate in the National Latin Exam each year. We facilitate their participation by enrolling them in the online exam. Last year our honors rate was 97%! 

Does The Lukeion Project teach Classical or Ecclesiastical pronunciation {more info}?

The Lukeion Project teaches a Classical Pronunciation. We teach students to translate the Latin of Golden authors like Vergil, Cicero, Caesar, and Ovid so Classical pronunciation makes best sense. 

What approach to Latin learning does The Lukeion Project use to teach language study {more info} ?

Our program offers a robust grammar-based approach to show students--from day one--exactly how the mechanism of the Latin language works. An approach that takes a "reading immersion" approach can be fun for a while, but even "reading" students who want to eventually tackle the best Golden Latin authors must gain a deeper understanding of the Latin grammar at play before they can enjoy the best success at translating those authors. We find that an approach that shows the real inner working of Latin from the start while offering plenty of great opportunities for robust translation is the most successful in the long term. 

What resources do students need to purchase to participate in The Lukeion Project?

Students can purchase their own texts through any national book sellers. 

What other resources are provided as a part of The Lukeion Project?

  • Additional translation passages
  • MP3 Downloads with instruction/pronunciation
  • Streaming video with lessons for students
  • Online games or resources
  • Printable flash cards
  • Printable game or activity
  • Teacher video with instruction for teaching concepts
  • Tests
  • Online community or contact for homeschool parent support 
  • Live classes

Students are given a comprehensive syllabus at the start of every semester. They have a weekly schedule of translations, a vocabulary quiz, and a chapter quiz. As soon as they submit their work for each assignment online, they can see the correct answers immediately. Instructors individually grade chapter quizzes and provide a grade transcript for each semester for the student's records. 

Classical, Charlotte Mason, Unschooling, Our courses suit a vast array of learning styles (and learning challenges), and almost all home education approaches. We also work closely with many gifted programs since we provide opportunities for students who work at an advanced level found nowhere else. 

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Free Samples and Resources from The Lukeion Project

Happy to provide one upon request. Let us know which level of Latin you'd like to view.

Ways to Save on The Lukeion Project

Our courses are charged per student, per semester. A sibling could certainly re-use texts and dictionaries in a future year.

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Other Online Courses from The Lukeion Project

As educators of Classical languages, instructors at The Lukeion Project have spent 16 years developing a comprehensive Classical program that surpasses many college programs in scope and offerings. Not only do we offer 7 years of Latin AND Classical Greek, students may now also study Classical literature in translation, history, philosophy, rhetoric, composition, and research. We offer original and foundational courses in writing (Skillful Scribbler), word roots (Witty Wordsmith), and our hallmark grammar program Barbarian Diagrammarian. 

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