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Linda (Magistra) Shea has a 4.94/5 star rating on Outschool. She has been teaching Latin in the classroom (and lately online) for more than a decade, and editing/tutoring for even longer. Linda uses games, pop culture references, mnemonics, and role playing to immerse students in the subject. 

Latin strengthens academic pursuits!


Students and parents are pleasantly surprised to discover how Latin strengthens other academic pursuits such as math and science as well as broader life skills. As co-director of a private summer academy, I enjoyed developing curriculum that seemed like recreation while delivering substantial core-aligned material. Though my students have won awards and scholarships for their performance on tests in the subjects I teach, I consider the true measure of success to be the enthusiasm for learning they carry with them even after the course has ended.

Latin Language & Roman Culture: Facts at a Glance

Instructor/Company: Magistra Shea
Website: Outschool
Religious Perspective: None
Levels/Sections: 3
Age Range: Ages 12-14
Pronunciation (?): Classical Pronunciation
Instruction Method (?): Reading Method

Where to Enroll:

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Get to Know Latin Language & Roman Culture!

Who is the instructor of Latin Language & Roman Culture?

Linda (Magistra) Shea is the instructor of Latin Language & Roman Culture.

For which ages/grades is Latin Language & Roman Culture most appropriate?

Latin Language & Roman Culture is most appropriate for ages 12-14.

Does completion of Latin Language & Roman Culture earn a student high school credit?

Yes, completing Latin Language & Roman Culture earns a high school credit.

How can homeschool parents know if their child is ready for Latin Language & Roman Culture?

There are no prerequisites or placement tests for Latin Language & Roman Culture.

How often and for how long does Latin Language & Roman Culture meet?

Latin Language & Roman Culture meets for 10 weeks, once weekly.

What curriculum, if any, does Latin Language & Roman Culture use?

Latin Language & Roman Culture uses the Cambridge Latin Series.

Course Details for Latin Language & Roman Culture

Which subjects are covered in Latin Language & Roman Culture?

  • Latin grammar
  • Latin vocabulary
  • English derivatives from Latin
  • Latin translation passages
  • Roman history
  • Ancient geography
  • Roman Culture/Daily Life

Latin grammar and vocabulary are presented through a series of stories set against the backdrop of Ancient Pompeii, enriched with related cultural, historical, and geographic material.

Does Latin Language & Roman Culture teach Classical or Ecclesiastical pronunciation {more info}?

Latin Language & Roman Culture teaches using Classical Pronunciation.

What approach to Latin learning does Latin Language & Roman Culture use to teach language study {more info} ?

Latin Language & Roman Culture uses the Classical, Charlotte Mason approach.

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