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Dr. Andrew Campbell, owner of Quidnam Press and author of I Speak Latin, gave us a glimpse into his elementary Latin curriculum, designed to help students to understand and view Latin as a real language used by real people to communicate ideas by speaking the language themselves! The curriculum is fully scripted and straightforward and a one-time purchase of the PDF file can be used with as many students as you need in your homeschool.

I Speak Latin is one of the most affordable programs available.

dr. andrew campbell - owner/author

I Speak Latin is a unique offering for elementary-age students, especially in a classical homeschooling market dominated by grammar-translation programs. It is also one of the most affordable programs available.

I Speak Latin: Facts at a Glance

Author/Publisher: Dr. Andrew Campbell, Quidnam Press
Website: https://quidnampress.com/
Religious Perspective: Non-Religious
Levels: One
Age Range: 3rd-6th grade
Pronunciation (?): Either Ecclesiastical or Classical
Instruction Method (?): Communicative Method

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Get to Know I Speak Latin!

Who is the author of I Speak Latin?

I (Dr. Andrew Campbell) am the author of The Latin-Centered Curriculum (Memoria Press, OOP) and co-founder of New England Classical Academy in Claremont, NH. My doctoral work was in German language and literature with a focus on Medieval Studies, for which Latin was a requirement. I became interested in applying the modern language teaching methods I used in my German teaching to classical languages like Latin and Greek.

Was I Speak Latin designed to be used as a homeschool curriculum?

I Speak Latin was originally created for a small group of homeschoolers in a cottage school setting (similar to a homeschooling co-op) and then developed in a private classical school. The curriculum can be used in either home or classroom settings and includes pointers for teachers in both learning environments. 

Is I Speak Latin a religious-based Latin curriculum?

I Speak Latin is a secular curriculum.

How many levels of I Speak Latin are available?

One level. I Speak Latin prepares upper-elementary students to use Oerberg's Lingua Latina or similar programs.

For which ages/grades is I Speak Latin most appropriate?

I Speak Latin is designed for grades 3-6. The ideal age is 10-11.

Does completion of I Speak Latin earn a student high school credit?

No, this is an elementary school program.

How can homeschool parents know if their child is ready for I Speak Latin?

Children should be able to (1) use the rules of phonics to decode unfamiliar words of more than three syllables; (2) accurately copy an unfamiliar word of four or five syllables; (3) focus on a conversation or activity for at least 20 minutes.

Is I Speak Latin designed to be used by a homeschool parent with no Latin background?

Yes. The program is fully scripted with phonetic pronunciations throughout, and audio files for each lesson are provided for free on my website.

When students finish all levels of I Speak Latin, what do you recommend for continued Latin study?

We recommend Oerberg's Lingua latina per se illustrata: Familia Romana.

Curriculum Details for I Speak Latin

Which subjects are covered in I Speak Latin?

  • Latin grammar
  • Latin vocabulary
  • Topical vocabulary lessons
  • Latin Pronunciation
  • Spoken Latin

As the name suggests, I Speak Latin encourages children to internalize Latin syntax by speaking the language. The vocabulary includes both classical and neo-Latin words so students can discuss their lives and interests.

Does I Speak Latin teach Classical or Ecclesiastical pronunciation {more info}?

I Speak Latin is available in two editions--Restored Classical and Ecclesiastical--so parents can choose the pronunciation they prefer.

What approach to Latin learning does I Speak Latin use to teach language study {more info} ?

I Speak Latin uses the Communicative Method. In my experience, a combination of modern foreign language teaching methods (Communicative Method, TPR, Comprehensible Input, etc.) and extensive reading results in greater Latin fluency than either the grammar-translation or reading method used alone.

I Speak Latin introduces students to the language through these modern methods as a way to help them internalize the structure and sounds of the language without requiring extensive grammar knowledge or what I call "charts and chants." Those things are more useful, I've found, once students have a sense of Latin as a language used by real human beings to communicate.

What resources and ancillary materials are available with I Speak Latin?

  • Digital/online textbook
  • MP3 Downloads with instruction/pronunciation
  • Teacher manual with instruction for teaching concepts

I Speak Latin is a fully scripted teacher's guide, available as a PDF download. There are no student workbooks or other materials to buy.

I Speak Latin relies heavily on student-made flashcards that bypass translation entirely. Students draw a picture representing the word on one side of the card and write the Latin word on the other. These cards are used for games as well as vocabulary review.

The curriculum also encourages the use of various games to help students learn vocabulary and grammar forms. The audio downloads are freely available on my website.

How many of the resources from I Speak Latin could be reused with other students in a future school year?

There are no consumable parts to the curriculum. Parents only need the one PDF download and a few household items (index cards, old magazines, family photos, glue sticks).

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engaging for kids, straightforward for me

I think I had tried almost every Latin curriculum on the homeschool market by the time my 5th kiddo was ready to start, and I Speak Latin was the only one I considered using for him. This is the hands-down winner for first Latin experiences. The book is cheap and all you need, the lessons are open-and-go after you read the easy introduction, the content is useful to the thinking patterns of beginning language learners in a way not all first year Latin programs are, and the instructional method is research-based which means solidly pedagogically excellent. Oh, also? It's fun. A kid's idea of fun, not some old Latin professor's idea of fun. That makes it gentle. Good for our educational goals, good for our family relationships, good for our wallet, good for my schedule: this is truly a unicorn of a homeschool program.

Rose T.-D.

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