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I've heard it said that all you need to homeschool is a library card and internet access.  I'm certainly thankful for the curriculum I've been able to purchase when that was what I needed, but I also love the challenge of finding ways to home educate for free!  I've written before about the reasons I teach Latin, even though I don't think it's necessary for everyone.  I've also shared about our love for digital learning.  Latin may be an ancient language, but there is no shortage of online resources for teaching and reviewing it.  Here are some that we've found!



There is a great YouTube channel called Latin Tutorial.  You can find playlists for ...

Lots of Fun Videos from Classical Academic Press, such as ...

Also ...


  • Mango Languages (Latin is only one of 70 languages you can study) - Android | iOS
  • Learn Basic Latin - Android
  • Latin App - iOS
  • Latin Word of the Day - iOS
  • Latin Learner (an app designed to go along with Wheelock's Latin) - Android
  • Word Search: Latin Nouns and Verbs - iOS

Websites and Games

  • Learn 101: Latin - a series of primarily vocabulary lessons including an audio pronunciation of words and phrases
  • Mango Languages - not a free program, but you may be able to get free access through your library
  • Headventure Land - we regularly use this practice site created by Classical Academic Press.  While there are paid options, many activities and samples are available for free, such as this Flash Dash vocabulary activity and this Chart Challenge for practicing paradigms (charts).  These activities are created to go along with the Song School Latin and Latin for Children series but could be useful for any Latin student for basic review of vocabulary and paradigms.
  • Minimus - fun activities, games and links to accompany Minimus and Minimus Secundus but could be used and enjoyed by any Latin student.
  • - You can use this site to create your own games, quizzes, and activities with a 30-day free trial (activities are saved even after your free trial ends, but you will not be able to edit them).  Or, you can search for activities already created by others on this Latin category page.
  • - This is another cool quiz-creation site that I've used as a homeschool mom to create games (typing-based and click-based activities) for my kiddos to use as they practice their Latin.  This site is free to use and you can also search for activites other users have created.
  • is another new app that I've been playing with.  Think flashcards on steroids!  You enter a simple matching list of terms and definitions and Quizlet makes it into all kinds of activities and games!  While a paid "teacher" plan is available, you can do pretty much everything you need to do with the free account.  (Here is a sample activity: Latin Color Words.)


Digital Content

Classical Academic Press has a lot of free content available if you know where to find it. (Generally on the product page for each book, there is a tab labeled "Support" for extra resources.)  The materials are designed to go along with the various textbook series, but could also be helpful as supplements.


Classical Academic Press also has quite a few free printables.  As mentioned above, these resources are generally available on the product page for each book, under the "Support" or "Resources" tab.

Betsy over at Family Style Schooling has some pretty cool free printables available, including Noun Declension Practice and First Conjugation Verb Practice.  Also, check out this cool chart showing how to determine the gender of Latin nouns!

Brandy from Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood has lots of free Latin File Folder Games!

And here are some First Conjugation Verbs File Folder Games from Colleen at SolaGratiaMom


See Also

Here are a couple of other pages I found that list lots of Latin resources.  Some are the same as those above, some are new!

Do you know of other resources I've missed? What have you used and liked? Please comment below so I can add to my list!

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