Homeschool Latin Help is the perfect meeting place between homeschool parents who want to introduce Latin in their homeschool (or are considering it) and the authors, educators, creators, and publishers who have the resources you need to make that happen!

What You'll Find Here!


Hear directly from authors, educators, creators, and publishers about the philosophy and method behind their resources, and what makes their approach unique. Plus find samples, free resources, discount codes and more!

Parent Helps

All of the guidance and background information you'll need to sift through the options and choose a great Latin curriculum for your family, plus helpful articles and free resources to support you in teaching and learning Latin!


A brief synopsis of resources we haven't had the opportunity to Spotlight or Review so that you can compare the main features with other options you are considering.


Homeschool Latin Help takes a close look at Latin language learning resources to outline important features, strengths and weaknesses of curriculum, online classes, and other resources so you can confidently choose something that fits your needs.